Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Cam!

I purchased a webcam a few days ago. My goal is to broadcast, live, Mr. Bruises attempting to cook Christmas dinner. In the meantime, I have had it on Chip. People are loving it! They are all waiting for Chip to open his present, which is a LARGE new wheel. He loves his little wheel, but he goes so fast, he flies out of it.

Mr. Bruises is still in bed. Too many Coronas last night. As soon as he gets his ass out of bed, Chip can have his wheel. I will then put the camera in the kitchen around noon for the cooking fiasco. I hope I can get it in there and set up without him knowing. He has done NOTHING to prepare so far, so this should be good. I have a frozen pizza as a back up plan.

Merry Christmas and enjoy the holiday chaos from the Bruises house!

Edited to remove the live cam embed, Chip is sleeping and dinner has been served!

1 comment:

OlRedHair said...

I missed the live cam. How did dinner go?

And how does Chip like his new wheel?