Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Mont started this all over at Facebook. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading every ones, so I thought I would post mine here at my blog as well.

You are to write 16 random things about yourself and then you are to tag 16 people to do the same and list the reasons why you tagged them. I am not going to tag anyone here, but I would like you to post a comment with a random thing about yourself. Feel free to post more than one thing!

1. I could eat pizza 365 days a year, 3 meals a day, and my pizza of choice is Pizzaria with pepperoni and banana peppers. Actually, if I was on death row, this would be my last meal.

2. I love high school football and I have season tickets - GO SABERS!

3. I have loved the color purple for as long as I can remember.

4. I can imitate a chicken so well that chickens can't tell the difference.

5. I have a sensitive gag reflex, certain smells or thoughts will get me going and people laugh and think I am going to throw up, but I never do.

6. My sense of smell is amazing.

7. If stranded on a deserted island with Nick and Riley and I had the last bite of food, I would share with Riley and when Nick died of starvation, we would eat him.

8. I once was so drunk that I projectile vomited potato chips out of my nose.

9. I have a turtle that is named after Jeffrey Dahmer. His name was originally Jack, but after he ATE his brother Will, I changed his name.

10. I have a pet chipmunk that I rescued as a baby, I found him soaking wet, dying, in the middle of the road. After nursing him back to health, he was no longer afraid of people or cats, so he stayed.

11. I am an only child of an only child, married to an only child of an only child. Both of us have half siblings who live in other states from our fathers.

12. I can hang four spoons off of my face at one time. I am currently working on adding two more. (See photographic evidence)

13. I play roller derby for Pittsburgh's Steel City Derby Demons. I've wanted to be a rollergirl since I was seven.

14. In 2005, I competed nationally as a nail tech, I finished the season ranked number 7.

15. I hate milk, it's like pond scum to me. I also hate ice cream cakes on my birthday.

16. I collect year books. It started with Ford City, but recently expanded to Kittanning. If anyone ever comes across any available, let me know!

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