Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Class of 83 dinner

Saturday evening, a number of Class of 83 members and myself had dinner at Garda's. Even though I graduated in 84, Mr. Bruises graduated in 83 and I have a large number of friends in his class. Mr. Bruises had to work and we all know he really isn't a social being, so I went without him. In this photo is Donna and Kris in front and me, Deanna and Theresa in the back.

We had a wonderful time chatting, reminiscing and just plain catching up on life. A few of these girls I've known since catholic school, like Deanna pictured with me and I count them amongst my best friends.
Theresa and Vicki and all of us had so much fun that we decided that we are going to do it again at Christmas!


Deanna said...

We were so glad that you joined us and hope that you will continue to be with us for all future events. Even if Mr. Bruises doesn't make it to our 30th reunion, you still need to come!! See ya soon!!

Kris said...

As I said before, you're family -- one of the in-laws we like!! Hope to see you soon!