Thursday, October 23, 2008

DAOTW Award!

The next recipient of the Dumb Ass of the Week Award goes to more than one person. It goes to the people that run around and say "Acrylic will ruin your nails". Okay, I exempt anyone who is not a nail technician from this award, you really don't know any better and you obviously don't have a nail tech that cares or he or she would educate you as to why this statement is false.

The Dumb Asses of the Week are the nail tchnicians that are so uneducated and unskilled that they make these ludicrous statements. Acrylic will not ruin your nails, it will not damage your nails or make them weak, neither will gel, wraps, polish, etc. Damage is human operator related.

If acrylic or any other type of nail enhancement is applied and removed correctly, your nails will be in the EXACT same condition as they were when you applied the product. Where the problem lies is when a Nail Tech uses MMA (read dental acrylic, yes what they make teeth from), which requires the shredding of the nail in order for it to bond or acid primers which will chemically etch the nail. Lastly, when people pick and chew their nails off, they just trashed them for a good six months, yet they will say that the stuff that was on their nails ruined them.

Even a good nail tech can cause damage and "weakness". Most good, legal products on the market do not require an acid primer and do not require shredding of the nails for application. Some techs, still file too aggressively on application, when they should just be lightly filing with a soft grit file to remove the shine. When they are prepping for fills, if they are experiencing a lot of lifting, they will then file too aggressively at the lifted area, thus filing into the natural nail.

Finally, when a set of nails is properly removed, by soaking in acetone, they will temporarily be dehydrated for a few days. These nails are not "weak", they just need some oil. Weak nails are not a temporary condition. If the nails were weak when you started, they will be weak when you remove, even if they were removed properly. If the nails were strong when you started, and are weak when you removed, if it is temporary, it is dehydration!!!! If they continue to be weak, they are damaged.

If you are going to a Nail Tech and he or she tells you that acrylic damages your nails, that's why she doesn't do them, find a new tech. They either tried and failed to master enhancements or they are lacking in education. Either way, he or she is a Dumb Ass of the Week!

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