Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bonus DAOTW Fonda Bruises Style!

When I first saw the news report about the woman who was robbed, then beaten because of her McCain/Palin bumper sticker, I just looked at the television in shock. Not shock of what supposedly happened to this woman. Shock because it was obvious to me, that her black eye was fake.

Listen. I know a few things about bruises, I am, however, Fonda Bruises. I have, also, given myself numerous black eyes. I can tell when you use dark purple eyeshadow and black cake eyeliner to make one. See how similar our black eyes look!

I expressed my opinion to Mr. Bruises, who agreed with me, and added that there wasn't any swelling. Then add to the fact that the "B" carved in her face was backwards, allowing you to assume that the dumbass did it to herself using a mirror.

Low and behold, it is announced that she made the story up. So, folks, we have another Dumb Ass of the Week! They are just coming out of the woodwork.

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Crazymomma said...

I saw that news story I had to laugh when they came out and said she made it up. Love the pics of the dogs too and again I'm sorry about rudy. I know what it's like to lose a pet and it's hard, very hard. Loving your "jail picture" and sorry about your no gas experience! :)