Monday, October 20, 2008

Our little peaceful spot.

It seems as though a lot of us are losing fur babies right now. My little Miss Rudy went to the bridge on Friday. The Burgh Baby Family lost a loving member through the night as well.

I've received so many wonderful emails, that contained such loving and kind words. Animal lovers are just a different breed of people. They are special.

I thought I would share where all of our loving pets are buried. We have quite a bit of acreage, separated into three fields. In one of the fields, there is a small grouping of trees. It is here, that all of our loving fur babies are laid to rest. On Friday, when we took Rudy out, it was looking very beautiful since the leaves were just starting to change colors.

It is a very peaceful place. It is a spot for them to be all together. They are all across the Rainbow Bridge now, and anxiously awaiting when we will all be reunited some day.

My thoughts are with you Burgh Baby Family! Many hugs to you all.


YD's a little bit of everything place said...

RIP Miss Rudy

Hatgal said...

Sorry about Rudy, but she is in a better place now with all her other furry friends and she can now run and play with pain.

Burgh Baby said...

Thank you. :-)