Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ty Pennington was at Scarehouse last night!

I was working RIP last night at Scarehouse (VIP status in the haunt world) and Sean P. McCarthy, who gave me my most awesome tattoo, informed me that Ty Pennington had called him and was enroute to The Scarehouse. Ty is in town filming an Extreme Makeover episode in Penn Hills.

So, I was on the look out for him. I spotted him right away. He has the celebrity thing down pat. He had a hat on, a scarf, and just walked like he knew where he was going. I followed right behind him. When he got to the front entrance, he paused, slightly and I approached and said "RIP?" and he nodded and I told him I had been watching for him. I took him in the RIP door and told him to go up the stairs and he smiled and thanked me. No one even knew that he had walked by!

Even though I was dying to get a photo taken with him, I respected his privacy. Scott from Scarehouse did snap this photo of Sean and Ty before he went in the haunt. Check out the Scarehouse Blog and the Scarehouse website for all the details about this fantastic place!


Burgh Baby said...

If you gave Ty a couple of handfuls of caffeine tablets, I'm pretty sure he would be the scariest thing there. That man is one fast talking high-energy machine!

pghrugbyangel said...

The Ruggers are volunteering Tuesday & Wednesday night. I can't wait to hear stories of Tuesday and share my own on Thursday!! 6pm till 12am... omg.