Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Dream Client

I get asked all the time, "If you could do anyone's nails, who would it be?" That's simple. Pink. I would love to do her nails.

Pink is a strong, independent woman, who is extremely talented. She is an awesome role model. She also seems like she would be into the cool, funky style that I would love to do all the time, but I live in Conservative, USA.

So, tell me who is your dream client? Who's hair do you want to do? Who's taxes would you like to do? Who would you like to sell a house to, take blood from, service their car? Tell me!

1 comment:

Hatgal said...

I already have a dream client. Her name is Patty and she lets me color her hair whatever color she wants! She has had black & purple, red & white, bleached blonde w/ blue,purple,pink,turq, and green . How cool is it to do that.