Thursday, December 31, 2009

Out of Control

I woke up this morning, the last morning of 2009 and I can't believe how out of control my life feels right now.  For a semi-control freak, like myself, this is not good.  Everything with my mom and her nursing home are pissing me off.  I feel totally out of control in my own salon even.   I have about a block of 25 gift certificates that I have no flippin clue if they are numbered and logged correctly.  I found one gift certificate that was logged as sold, stuffed into the candy box.  So, I have no clue what number they were actually given, most likely the number from the back not the front.

Mostly today, my back hurts.  Mainly from the big, giant knife that I seem to have sticking out of it.  I am such a giving person.  I try to help others.  Everyone always says that what you give, you get back tenfold and for the most part, I believe that.  There are, however, some times, like right now, when it doesn't come back.  Someone that you help turns around and sticks a big ole butcher knife in your back.  Nothing like that to wake you up and put on your "I can be a total f'n bitch" hat.

So, I say good riddance to 2009.  Personally, I thought you sucked and you are ending on a really sucky note.  I look forward to midnight, when I can stomp your losing ass out of my life.  Tonight is a full moon, which makes it a blue moon, since it will be the second moon of the calendar month.  So, tonight, I will howl at the moon, and drink a few Blue Moons and welcome 2010 into my life.  Right after I take this huge butcher knife out of my back.

Happy New Year

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Sophie101 said...

Oh dear I know what you mean about the knife in the back!