Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I swear that the boys have switched bodies on me ala Freaky Friday. Travis, my little naughty boy has suddenly become an angel and Riley, my angel has suddenly become my naughty boy. Look at this photo! Riley is on the couch! You see Mr. Bruises did a lot to stop him, he's laying right there with him. Neither boys are allowed on the furniture.

Monday, when I took Riley to the vet, as we pulled into the parking lot, he started howling like a hound dog. I am talking it sounded like I had slammed his tail in the door and driven the 10 minutes to the vet with it still in the door. I blame this all on Mr. Bruises' parents dog, a beagle-basset hound mix, who went to the bridge a few years ago. Stormy had the most God awful bark and Riley learned it. It is quite embarrassing when he does it because you usually don't hear a sound like that coming from a Golden Retriever. He usually does it at home when he knows my father in law has come home. NOW, he is doing it in public!

Yesterday, I took the boys to get groomed. When I went to pick them up, the groomer told me that she noticed a huge difference in Travis this time, that he wasn't as excitable and jumpy. She said he jumped right up on the table and she didn't even have to use the head harness, he just stood there and let her groom him. I asked how Riley did, since the last time he got a little snippy when it came to the nail clipping. She said, wait for it.......wait for it......wait for it.......HE GAVE HER A BLOODY NOSE! OMG! my angel started thrashing when it was nail clipping time and she head butted her and gave her a bloody nose! Never in my life would I ever think that my precious Riley would draw blood on someone.

I don't know what these two did, but I want it to stop. I want my boys back. I want my angel Riley and I want my mischievous little naught boy Travis. Now I just have to figure out how to switch them back and quickly. They are going to Aunt Tammy's house for "vacation" in T minus twenty four hours!

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