Monday, December 14, 2009

Last day on Sanibel

We spent our last full day on Sanibel by heading to Captiva. We spent the day at the beach, then had dinner at the Key Lime Bistro. We had pina coladas there the day before. That was the best meal of the trip.

We then walked down to The Bubble Room for dessert. I plan to do a whole post on The bubble room when I get home, because that place deserves it. I took a ton of photos. As you can see, the desserts here are BIG!

I had the White Christmas, which was a white cake, with coconut and white chocolate shavings.

I made sure I got a close up of the Red Velvet cake for BFF Jill.

George and Donna took advantage of The Tunnel of Love.

Final review, we LOVE Sanibel and will most definitely return. George and Donna are on their way home today and Mr. Bruises and I are now heading to Orlando to Disney World for his birthday until Thursday!

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