Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Shopping with the BFF

Sunday, we had The Purple Pinkie Christmas lunch at The Olive Garden. I am truly blessed with the people I work with and I am very thankful for them. I am also thankful that BFF Jill was able too step right up and jump in and help us fill in some gaps that were left from Kylie going to Florida for three months. After lunch and cocktails, BFF Jill and I hit the mall. I didn't need anything, my shopping and wrapping has been finished for weeks. I went to help BFF Jill spend her money.

We went into Dick's and this is the sight that we saw. Way too many people, spending way to much money in what we are told is a recession. Before any of you get your panties in a wad, let me tell you, almost everyone was paying with CASH. Lots of cash.

When we arrived at the mall, I went to pull into a parking space, after circling the mall for nearly 10 minutes looking for one. A man jumped out at me and told me I couldn't park there. What? I was ready to rumble with him. I asked why and was told that people were parking three deep and he was parked in and needed to get out from that space. I told him I would sit there until he was able to pull out so that I could have that spot.

What the Asshat didn't realize, is that people didn't park him, and the others in, those Asshats, parked in the MIDDLE of the lane, then the others just followed the parking lines. Seriously. You can't just make your own parking space. You deserve to be parked in. When we left, hours later, there were still people parked in.

So, we have people paying in cash. We have to drive in circles for a parking place. People are making their own parking spaces and parking three deep, but we are in a recession? I think not. I think people need to stop buying into all the bullshit the media, is shoving down our throat.

One thing is for certain, even Santa needs to pee sometime! Can you imagine being a kid in the potty and the big guy walks in! I think a hidden camera needs to be set up!

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Burgh Baby said...

When we stopped at Toys 'r Us last week, it was like a stampede running for nothing. The store shelves were empty. EMPTY. Yet, people were being pushy and crabby and all around annoying. WTH?