Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Magic Kingdom Day

We hung around the pool yesterday. I swear the Polynesian has bed bugs or I am allergic to something in the room. I was head to toe itchy yesterday and it is continuing this morning.

We went to The Magic Kingdom for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. We’ve attended it before, so we knew it was a good time. We got to enter the park three hours before the party started.

We had dinner at Tony's the restaurant from Lady and the Tramp. We got the famous spaghetti and meatballs and NO we didn't chew on the same strand ofd spaghetti.

The castle was lit up so pretty, they not only had lights on it, they changed the colors of it too. There were fireworks and two parades. Through the park were areas set up that you could get free cookies and hot chocolate. When we were leaving, it was snowing on Main Street!

The park was filled with assholes, as usual. We rode Pirates of the Caribbean with some old bastard that thought that he deserved one and a half of a seat portion to himself by spreading his legs so wide that Mr. Bruises and I had one and a half portion to share. He then had to talk loudly during the whole ride, screaming out things.

Then, during Donald’s Philharmonic 3D thingie, some bitch behind me sang EVERY single song AND she didn’t know the words. Loudly.

Then we encountered the Drunk Dad. We rode Small World with him first and he was yelling and pointing everything out to his toddler. We then got stuck on the Snow White ride with him. When he saw the dwarves for the first time he exclaimed “Look, there are the Elves!” I know it’s the holiday season, but come on!

Then during the parade, we encountered the Future Assholes, a group of tween girls that crowded themselves next to us. I sat there and watched them throw pieces of their turkey leg at people as they walked by. They then proceeded to flick the crowd control rope, so that it hit me in the face while I sat. After three times, I gave the brat the look of death. All the while, the parents just let them go.

I’ve come to the conclusion that people are just rude. I thought it was just the foreigners at Disney, but there are very few here this time. If you don’t give way when encountering someone, you will find yourself playing chicken with a baby stroller. People smack into you and never even acknowledge that they did it. THIS is what I hate about Disney. I love the rides, the ambiance, everything. I just hate the rude people.

Today is Mr. Bruises birthday and we are heading to Animal Kingdom. It’s been a great day so far, I slept all night. I think the assholes next door left! Let’s hope that all the assholes went home!

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