Monday, December 28, 2009

Update on Mom

The day after Christmas, I received a notice in my mailbox that I had a certified letter from the nursing home. I figured that this letter would be informing me of her move and her infected finger. I go to the post office and pick up the letter, which is just a notice that my mother's Speech Therapy will no longer be covered by Medicare and I have the right to appeal. WTF?

So, I called the nursing home. I was informed that not only was my mother moved because she has an infected finger, but she was IN THE HOSPITAL for it while I was on vacation. She was moved because her she not only has Osteomyelitis in her finger, which is a bone infection, she has MRSA!

I asked why I wasn't informed of the move or the infection and was told that they asked her on three occasions if they should call me. She told them no, I was on vacation. Again, WTF? I asked the nurse if she was aware that my mother has a brain injury that caused damage to the part of her brain that is responsible for cognitive thinking, which is problem solving and decision making. I mean really? This woman is in a nursing home, should she be asked that? I have medical and financial Power of Attorney.

There are so many things wrong with this situation and I am totally pissed off. First, Dialysis sent her to the hospital. The social worker did not inform me. The hospital did not inform me and finally the nursing home did not inform me. Three facilities dropped the ball. All three have record of her brain injury and all three have copies of her POA paperwork.

Next, I spent more than an hour in her room with my dog and was not informed that she had MRSA. Her finger was not wrapped it was open for anyone to touch. Also, she is in a room with another woman who has MRSA. Thanks a fucking lot for letting me know to protect myself and my pet.

I have the number for the PA Department of Health and I've been urged by people to contact them to file a complaint. Once I cool down, I will decide what to do. Tomorrow, the dialysis social worker and I will be having words.


OlRedHair said...

Rhonda, definitely pursue this with the dept of health.

Sophie101 said...

As you know I had MRSA in Nov. of 2008 and you are right they should have taken different percautions with the whole MRSA thing. And obviously she got it there?! That doesn't make them look real good. Anyway an infection of MRSA has to be covered!!! I just wrote a huge letter to our hospital over the whole MRSA deal with me and having Lexi (I didn't have MRSA while pregnant but they still treated me as I had MRSA) Our hospital's policy is: If you had MRSA whether you had a day ago or 10 years ago they always treat you as you still have it. But anyway I learned a lot on MRSA even from my research and my letter back from the hospital. If you need anything you know my email! Let me know how it all goes!