Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happiest Place on Earth?

Really? For being in/near The Happiest Place on Earth, I am not too pleased, let alone happy. First, Disney is a money, grubbing whore. Mr. Bruises is paying an INSANE amount of money to stay at The Polynesian. Even though the daily rate is MORE than some people pay for rent at home, we still have to pay for Internet service. WOW, the Comfort Inn next door is $59 a night, free WI-FI and free shuttle to all Disney Parks. Why are we staying here again?

Next was our neighbors. We knew we were in trouble when we had the room next to the strollers and yes, that is plural. Listen, I don't hate kids, I actually love them. I have two nieces and a nephew and three great nephews and one great niece. I do, however, HATE unruly kids with no parenting. Our neighbors qualify. At 4:00 am it started. The blood-curdling screaming. The kicking of the walls. The opening and slamming of inner and outer doors. I actually heard someone bang on their door. Still, it continued until 5:30. An hour and a half of that bullshit.

At one point, I was going to bang on their door as well. I yanked the door open, in my jammies, only to be greeted with the father, staring right by my door, fully dressed. I stood there, with that squinty eye that I get when I am really pissed and just stared him down, then slammed the door. I really don't have time for inconsiderate people.

I sure hope I don't have two more days of this bullshit. I have a hotel phone and I am not afraid to use it. We will be having words if it happens again. I may even have to inform those little monsters that there IS NO SANTA!

Anywhoo I am going to try to not let this ruin my trip. This and a few other reasons are why I can't stand Disney World, but it's for Mr. Bruises birthday, I will try to block it all out.

We ate at the Hard Rock last night and OMG Weezie, our waiter from when we were there in January was there! I instantly sent a text to BFF Jill, Amanda and Lynn. I almost immediately got responses:

BFF Jill: Shut UP!

Amanda: Shut your mouth!

Lynn: From the Jeffersons?

I literally LOL'd at Lynn. Yes she is blonde, but she is a SMART ONE! So I replied to her:

Rhonda: No our waiter from the Hard Rock. Wait.....that's right, you were drunk, with your head on the table!

(True fact, please see photographic evidence!)

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party tonight!

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