Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Birthday

Well, yesterday was Mr. Bruises' birthday. I threatened him that I would make him wear the "Birthday Cake Hat" if he wanted me to go to Disney with him. Well, I got him to put it on at the end of the day for a photo. Turns out he didn't need it.
When he went to collect his free ticket for his birthday, they gave him a Happy Birthday pin with his name one it. The cast member who wrote it even dotted his eye with a Mickey Mouse head. That pin was wonderful.

Throughout the day, cast members would say "Happy Birthday, Nick!" The first couple of times, he didn't realize they were talking to him. Then the guests started it. The security lady at our hotel was going to bust out and sing to him, but noticed that he was blushing just from the near mention of his special day, she decided not to torture him further.

We started the day at The Animal Kingdom. I know some are not fans of this park, but I am. I love animals and love learning about them. The decor of this park really makes you feel like you are actually in Asia or Africa. Expedition Everest was an awesome ride as was the Jungle Safari.

I absolutely loved their Christmas tree. It was all decked out in animal ornaments. This was, by far, my favorite tree at Disney.

We upgraded Mr. Bruises' ticket to a park hopper so that we could spend half of the day at Epcot. Now this is my least favorite park. I think it's too educational. I am on vacation. I want to be entertained. I did, however, enjoy the park. Soarin' was awesome!

We rode Spaceship Earth and there was a part where they took our photo and I goofed around during it. Little did I know that they would use it later for a video. It turned out hysterical mainly due to our facial expressions!

There was some really cool light and water shows going on all day. The trees were white, pink and purple.

We ate dinner at the Mexican restaurant in the world showcase. The chips and salsa were to die for. We ended the night at The Tambu Lounge at The Polynesian, where we had the greatest pina coladas ever made. Seriously. If you are ever at Disney World, go there and try them.

All in all, I think Mr. Bruises had a great birthday. The Asshole Parade that I had to endure was worth it to see him happy on his special day.

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