Monday, December 21, 2009

Punking Mr. Bruises

Last week, a client brought Max in to visit. The family brought the puppy home thinking it was a boy only to have the vet tell them, nearly a week later that it's a girl! They had been calling her Max and considered changing her name, but the youngest son was having nothing of it. So, meet Maxine!

She is such a cutie. She just snuggled in to my neck. When I went to give her some treats, the most amazing puppy breath ever came out of her mouth. Puppy breath is the best smell on Earth!

I thought I would get Mr. Bruises going, so I sent him the following photo in a text message and had the following text conversation with him:

Me: Your Christmas present was just delivered.
MB: Is that really ours?
Me: Yep
MB: You're kidding, right?
Me: Nope
MB: Girl?
Me: Yep
***long pause***
Me: She was just visiting, her name is Max, but you are lucky this time!
MB: You got my hopes up, Max is a dumb name for a girl.

I then had to explain the whole boy/girl mix up to him. His response surprised me. I didn't realize he would be open to another dog. I would love to have about three more, however, we would need to find other options for doggy sitting if we added another dog. Three dogs is a lot to ask someone to care for when you are on vacation.

You have to admit, she is a cutie!