Sunday, November 22, 2009

GNO Shopping Trip

I have many groups of friends. I have Nail Tech friends, I have Roller Derby friends, I have Stampin' Up friends, I have the ultimate friend, BFF Jill and I also have my GNO friends. I am so blessed to have so many friends. Now I am not talking about casual friends, I am talking about GOOD friends that would help save your life if something were ever to happen.

GNO (Girls Night Out) Friends are all friends I used to work with at the credit union. None of us work there any more, thank God! We have all stayed close through the years. As we all started leaving the credit union, one by one, we didn't want to lose touch with one another, so we made a pact to have dinner once a month. We used to go out on a Friday evening.

Friday evenings have now turned into Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Some of my friends have little ones now, so it's hard for us to get together in the evening. Also, we are more spread out now, so our middle meeting point has changed as well. We usually meet somewhere in the Pittsburgh Mills area now.

We used to go on weekend gambling trips, we haven't been on an over nighter in ages. Nothing will EVER top the Bachelorette Trip when we were celebrating the upcoming nuptials of TWO members. We also, always, go on a holiday shopping trip. We've went a couple different places through the years, but our favorite place to go is The Prime Outlets in Grove City.

We always take The Pimp Van. It is a 1987 Astro Van, complete with blinds, lighting and upholstered walls. We LOVE The Pimp Van. We all fit in there and all of our packages too! We even now have a CD player! We used to have to bring a boom box to play our music.

Yesterday was our shopping trip and I decided to film some of the madness. As you can see, we have a good time when we are together. I love ALL of my friends, especially the GNO Girls!

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