Monday, November 2, 2009

Douchebags and Cell Phones

Today, I encountered one of the biggest Douchebags in all Douchbagland. He was in line in front of me at Blockbuster Video in Butler. He approached the counter, talking very loudly on his cell phone. The clerk attempted a few times to wait on him, but he just ignored the clerk. Everyone in the store can hear his conversation. He is obviously trying to sell a vehicle that has new tires, new this and new that and is totally worth more than what is being offered. Blah, blah, blah.

My patience is running thin and the clerk is being entirely too polite. I say "If you aren't going to check out, can you please step aside?" He ignores me and the clerk, who once again attempts to wait on him. By this time there is a line behind me.

His conversation gets louder and louder until he screams, and I mean screams "I am telling you $1500 is the lowest I will accept!" That was it. I had enough. I can guarantee you that he was screaming at his wife, who talked to someone who made an offer on this douchebag's piece of shit vehicle. I said loudly, and with authority this time, "If you aren't going to check out, step aside!" No need for saying please this time. Well, this got his attention.

He never turns around, but screams at me "I am trying to check out, but no one will wait on me!" to which I yell back "They have been trying to, but you won't get off the damn phone, which is totally rude." He then screams to the person on the phone "I got to go, I just pissed some customer off" and finally hangs up the phone. I say "Dude you are being totally rude."

At this point he storms to the door. I totally think out loud at this point and say "What a douchebag". He stops at the door and looks at me and replies "You should try it." Seriously? That's all you can come up with?

You, Douchebag cell phone user, in line, screaming at your poor wife are THE Dumbass of the Week. Enjoy your title! Douche.


nance said...

I really wish you would have snapped a picture of him with your cell phone and posted it along with the story. :)

PS: Loved the Halloween costume and OMG, Jamesway!

The Purple Pinkie said...

Yeah I should have gotten a photo, better yet, I should have video'd his conversation, he never would have known.

I loved Jamesway! I miss it still. I go in Trader Horn now and still get the warm and fuzzies every now and then.