Tuesday, November 3, 2009

One Banana

Back in June, when we were planning our annual trip to the Orlando Beauty Show, I was preparing ahead of time and was gathering shopping lists from all who were arriving after BFF Jill and I. Lynn Weber, our awesome friend from Las Vegas emailed her list. One line item stood out like a sore thumb.

1 banana- not green but not too ripe, but I like em sweet

So we had the following email conversation.

Me: Oh and you want just 1 banana or 1 bunch?
Lynn: 1 banana...and I promise I will eat it

So off BFF Jill and I go to WalMart to get the groceries. We split up the list to make the shopping go faster. Jill gets Lynn's part and immediately exclaims "One banana? Who the hell gets just one banana? Is that even allowed?" I looked at her and was all "I know! What the hell is up with that shit?"

BFF Jill went to get the ONE banana. She was totally expecting the Banana Police to come out and bust her for breaking up a bunch of bananas. Lynn Weber is a home wrecker, I tell you!

We have given Lynn shit over this since June. Just yesterday, while BFF Jill and I were shopping at Aldi's, we saw bananas that were in SEALED BAGS! We immediately thought of Lynn. I guess the Banana Police are wise to Ms. Weber's home wrecking ways and have come up with a way to keep the bunch together.

So tell me, do you buy just ONE banana or do you buy the whole bunch?


YD, sometimes with Samantha and June said...

I buy the whole bunch and always the bunch with still a little bit of green, so that they won't all be yellow/black too soon.

OlRedHair said...

I buy two bananas at a time. Guess I'm a little less of a home wrecker.