Thursday, November 19, 2009

Righting Wrongs

Those who know me know that I will ALWAYS stand up for what is right and try to right wrongs. Our local beauty education is really lacking and is totally in need of some change and has been for some time.

A high school friend approached me months ago, asking my advice on going to school for nails. I warned against enrolling in the local school that I attended, since I know first hand how I was pretty much self taught. I also informed her that after the last two techs I hired, who were recent graduates of the school, I would no longer consider any student from that school. They are just not educated. The school is charging $3800 for a seven week course and people like ME are left to actually teach these students how to do nails. Nope, not doing it any longer.

Despite my request that another school, 30 minutes away should be explored, my friend enrolled in the local school. She started classes a few weeks ago on a Monday and on that Wednesday, sent me this in an email.

I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know I started classes on Monday. Everyone was right, the don't freakin teach you anything, you have to teach yourself. My first day the teacher was sick & we didn't even have a student teacher. The director wanted us to give manicures. I don't have a clue on have to give a manicure, that's why I am here.

See, the problem with this email is that they wanted her to work on patrons of the clinic (for a fee) on her FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. State Board rules state the following:

§ 7.120. Work done by students on the public. (a) A school may permit students to work on the public, and may charge a fee for treatment performed by students on the public based on the reasonable cost of materials used in such treatment, if the students have successfully completed the following hours of instruction: (1) Cosmetology Curriculum—300 Hours (2) Esthetics Curriculum—75 Hours (3) Nail Technology Curriculum—50 Hours (4) Natural Hair Braiding Curriculum—75 Hours

As you can see, a Nail Technology student, which my friend is, has to successfully complete 50 hours before she can LEGALLY work on a patron in the clinic. Students attend school six and a half hours a day. On the date that she sent me the email, she would have had nineteen and a half hours, which isn't even half of what is required AND she was asked to do these services on her FIRST DAY!

When I attended this school in the fall of 2001, they did the exact same thing to me. On day two of school, I was told that I had to apply a tip on a patron who had broken a natural nail. I had no idea what to do. I did it, because I was told I had to. Not only was this not safe. It was ILLEGAL.

I also did not have a teacher my first day. On day two until week five, I was taught by a student teacher, someone who had just graduated from cosmetology school with NO work experience what so ever. Further, our school did not have a LICENSED instructor for the first five weeks of my seven week program. Again, this is totally ILLEGAL.

Since 2001, there have been a number of directors. I had hoped that the school would finally get a director that knows what's going on and actually had education as a priority. I find it sad, that eight years later, this school is still operating the same.

So, I did what I felt was the right thing to do. I turned the school in, once more, to the PA State Board. This is the third complaint that I have made against this school. I got notice yesterday, that my complaint has been registered. Let's hope that something is done, finally. I am not holding my breath though.

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