Friday, November 20, 2009

Remembering Sonny

Sonny was our first dog as a couple. I saw him at Lasher's Pets and mentioned him to Mr. Bruises since he had made a comment that he always wanted a collie. We went to see him and when they took him out of the cage, he pooped on the floor. What a great first impression.

Weeks passed and a guy that worked in the pet shop came into the cycle shop and told Mr. Bruises if he wanted him, he was half off because he was getting too big for his cage. So, we went and got him and it was the best day ever. Those who passed him up missed out on one of the best dogs ever. Even though we got him for half price, he was worth full price tripled.

Sonny was born on this day in 1988. He would have been 21 today. He lived to be thirteen and a half, which is amazing, however, not nearly long enough for us. The day he went to the Rainbow Bridge, a piece of my heart went with him.

People made fun of us because we had birthday parties for him. We still do that with our animals, but back then, we had guests, now it is just us. Really, we weren't the crazy ones, those were the people who came to the party AND brought gifts!

Sonny was the gentlest, most loving collie I've ever encountered. Naively, I thought all collies were like him, but I found out that he was rare. I found that out the hard way when one bit me in the ass and ripped my jeans. Thank goodness he was old and his teeth were nubs, while I didn't have broken skin, I had one hell of a bruise.

So, today, I remember my precious Sonny. In honor of his 21st birthday, I will be having a Long Island Iced Tea at Nite Courts tonight! Happy Birthday, Sonny, I still love you and miss you terribly!


YD, sometimes with Samantha and June said...

Sonny was beautiful! Sorry for your loss, even it has been years, it still hurts.
Happy 21th birthday Sonny.

Bob said...

Sonny was beautiful and we know the hurt all too well.
Happy 21st Sonny.
And , no your not crazy just a great person.

Sheila & Bob

Jill said...

Rhonda, you made me cry. How sweet.... (Happy Bday Sonny!)

Lambrosia said...

Happy Birthday, Sonny! I'm sure there's a party happening right now on the other side of the bridge with a massive cupcake hunt in progress, bones to gnaw and party hats for everyone! Hugs, Rhonda!

Lily said...

What a beautiful boy. No wonder you miss him so much. My best friend and her hubby have 2 rough collies. They are devoted to them as they have no kids either.

Hazel said...

Damn, girl, you made me cry! I remember Sonny, he was such a sweetie!