Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Eve

This was part of the group that went out for "Thanksgiving Eve". It's been many, many years since I've went out the night before Thanksgiving. I made sure that I got all my prep work, that I normally do on that evening, completed early.

We all met at Becky's house. The plan was to go to Stanley's for a hot sausage and then head to Nite Courts to listen to a local band. I was excited about the hot sausage since I was busy working all day and hadn't had a chance to eat yet.

Imagine our dismay when we arrived at Stanley's to find out that they weren't cooking that night. BOOOO! So, I figured I would hit Sheetz on our way to Nite Courts.

Well, we never left Stanley's. We got word that Nite Courts was so busy that people were parking in the salon parking lot. We also, got totally jammed into a corner table and it was nearly impossible to get out. I am sure that the fire code limit was met and exceeded.

Finally, at near midnight, it cleared enough for me to make my escape. I finally ate for the day, two death dogs with chili and cheese. I didn't have a drop of alcohol since I had a totally empty stomach.

I did have fun, though, writing quotes of the night, making fun of douchebags and skanky hoes so the night wasn't a total bust!

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