Friday, November 6, 2009

Some Distributors Sell Crap

I read all of the time, how nail technicians are either new or seasoned and all of a sudden have unexplained lifting. Chances are, they are unknowingly using EXPIRED product. Most products have a shelf life of one year, however, if products are stored in optimal conditions, such as a cool, dry, dark place, they can last up to two years. No manufacturer recommends using a product after two years.

The distributorship that I frequent occasionally ALWAYS has old product on it's shelf. I've informed the clerk and manager each time, yet when I return months later it is still there. Monday, I had my camera with me. I took these photos so that I could send them to the manufacturer along with the distributor location. Something HAS to be done about this.

This batch of powder was produced on August 27, 2007. You will notice that this supports the batch number pattern. Batch S7801 means it was produced in 2007, 8th month and batch number 01. This product is over two years old.

Here is the front of the container, you will notice the OLD logo is on this.

Again another old bulk size. Production date shown is September 25, 2007. Again batch number supports this V7901 means batch was produced in 2007 in the ninth month and is batch number 01. This is important to show because the liquid bottles do not have the date on them, just the batch number.
Again, you can see the OLD logos on this container.

This is the back of a larger bottle of Moxie liquid. Note the batch number burned into the bottle. This reads, produced in 2007, seventh month, batch 01. This liquid is over two years old.

Note at the bottom where it says Art Rev. 06/09 this supports the September 2006 logo.

Front of Moxie, again, using the OLD logo.
This is the back of a larger Radical liquid. Again, the batch number reads, produced in 2007, seventh month, batch 01. This is over two years old.
Front of packaging with OLD logo.
I wanted to give an example of a good bottle, that is within it's shelf life.
I wanted to give an example of bottle that is still within shelf life. This bottle has it's batch number burned on the bottom, not the label, so it is harder to read, but you can clearly see that this was produced in 2009, in the fifth month, you just can't read the two digit batch number that follows. THIS is what you should see on the shelf.
This is the front of the bottle with the NEW logo on it. Again, this is what you SHOULD be seeing on the shelf!

So see, sometimes it is NOT the product's fault. It's NOT the nail tech's fault. The douchebag here is the greedy distributor, who is too lazy to exchange expired product for fresh product and is just selling CRAP to the unknowing nail tech.

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Anonymous said...

Very informative. Thank you. This just happened to me made them exchange it.