Saturday, November 7, 2009

I'm a Rebel!

Halloween night, we stopped at Sheetz on our way home. On the way in, Amanda thought it would be funny for me to pose with a box of tampons, since I was covered in blood. None of us had taken our camera into the store, so we sent Becky out to get hers.

As Becky came back into the store with the camera, the beyotch behind the counter went ape shit on us. She started screaming "You can't take pictures in here, it's against the law". Had I been not under the influence, I probably would have asked her why. Seriously, why is it against the law? What is the law? So, you can take my photo on your video cameras but I can't take an innocent photo of posing, bloody with a box of tampons? Really?

So, the next morning, I went to Sheetz. In full view of their video camera, I took a photo of the tampons from last night. The camera nazi wasn't there, I guess she is such a good employee that she ONLY gets scheduled when the drunk people are coming in. Nice.....

So take that Sheetz! I got my photo. It wasn't as much fun as it would have been the night before, but I am a rebel and I will do what I want! (said in that cocky Eric Cartman way)

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