Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm a Big Girl Now

The photo shows a keychain that BFF Jill gave me this summer. Yes, sometimes I laugh until I pee my pants. This was always a joke with the GNO girls too. When we went on our trips the saying was "It isn't a GNO trip unless someone throws up, pees their pants or does both". Usually that someone was me.

I've realized for sometime now that there was a problem. Usually it was laughing too hard or when I was sick and really coughing. It would almost always end with me peeing my pants. Thinking back, I've realized that this has been going on for at least 7 years, probably longer. It has, however, gotten bad.

The "rock bottom" point for me was the night that we celebrated Becky's birthday a few months ago. I don't drink that much and we really were getting our drink on that night. Then. The drinking games began. I knew better. Tequila and I are not friends, we don't get along. We may have been in a relationship before, but I not only broke up with Tequila, I have a PFA out against Tequila. Well, I gave into peer pressure that night and let Tequila back in my bed. MISTAKE.

The night ended with me puking my guts out on Fifth Avenue, in front of Becky's house. Each and every time I retched, I peed my pants. I had no control. Puke, pee. Puke, pee. On and on. I kid you not, every inch of my pants were soaking wet when I was finished. How embarrassing. Well, I didn't give one rat's ass at the time, I was drunk. BFF Jill's husband drove us home, with me in the backseat, sitting on a garbage bag.

When I woke up the next morning from my Tequila coma, first, I had the PFA reissued. I then decided that I was going to have this little problem taken care of once and for all. I am 42, I am way to young for Depends and even Poise pads. So, I made an appointment.

I have my surgery today for a Transobturator Sling Procedure . It is a minimally invasive procedure and I should be able to be back to life and work by Wednesday. I have to hang out and do nothing tomorrow just because of the anesthetic.

I will be totally healed in four weeks. That puts us right around New Year's Eve. I think maybe we may have to all go out, get our drink on again and test this bugger out. I am not a big fan of puking, but I am looking forward to puking for the first time without peeing my pants!


OlRedHair said...

I'm thinking of you Rhonda, and hope all goes well and the procedure takes care of this annoying problem once and for all!

The Purple Pinkie said...

Thanks, Nora. So far so good! I am a little sore, but the drugs help and so far, it seems like it's working!