Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Founder's Day!

Founder's Day is really on Tuesday, November 17, however Ford City is observing it today. Captain John B. Ford is our town's founder. He was born on November 17, 1811. He established Ford City in 1887, which was a company town for Pittsburgh Plate and Glass (PPG) which he also founded.

In 1891, in honor of Captain John B. Ford's 80th birthday, the workers of PPG erected a statue of him in the Ford City Park. He died May 1, 1903. You will recall this spring, when BFF Jill and I found the site of his grave, totally by accident in Allegheny Cemetery in Lawrenceville, PA.

BFF Jill and I have been taking questions for a few weeks to make a "Everything you ever wanted to know about Ford City" video. We had some great questions, that made the video. We also had some silly ones like "Did Karl Troth and Ellie Mae Walters ever hook up?" that we left out. We also had a lot of great questions about things in the area that are NOT in Ford City, they would be in Manor Township. We focused on Ford City Borough for this video.

We hope you enjoy it. If you are in town on Tuesday, please visit the Ford City Park and go visit John and thank him for the beautiful town and community that he founded for us.

Happy Founder's Day, Ford City!!!


Anonymous said...

omg....loved the video....its awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

omg....loved the video....its awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the video but don't agree with a lot of the comments. Wish you would have checked out the sources before taping.

The Purple Pinkie said...

I would love to know what you don't agree with. The only one we were not certain of was the oldest house. We could find NO documentation or cornerstone on any house on third avenue that was rumoured to be the oldest. We went by information from elders in the community.

So please, let us know what you don't agree with and we will provide you with where we found our information,