Monday, November 23, 2009


While we were shopping on Saturday, I came out of the store to wait on the others. I was greeted by a standard poodle named Teddy. My two friends who were waiting outside were all like "We knew you would spot him right away".

I immediately started to approach Teddy and pet him. I then noticed that his human had these sunglasses on and it wasn't sunny at all. I thought that he was blind and I almost asked if Teddy was "working", because you never approach or distract a service dog when they are working. Teddy didn't have a coat on. Service dogs usually have those on. I then looked for a walking stick and realized that this guy wasn't blind, he was just wearing sunglasses. He was sitting with Teddy while his wife shopped.

Teddy, it seems is totally attached at the hip to his human Mom. Aren't all dogs (wink). I got some photos snapped with Teddy as I told his owner about how my grandparents had a standard poodle that was the same coloring as Teddy when I was growing up. You don't see many of them around any more.

Finally Teddy's mom came out of the store and then they did the swap and the man went in to shop. Teddy was so excited to see her, he just kept prancing around and wiggling, it made my heart melt, because this is exactly how my boys are with me. After chatting with her for awhile I told her how I initially thought that her husband was blind. Later in the day, we passed them all again and her husband laughed and pretended he was walking with a walking stick. We all had a good chuckle over it.

It was very nice meeting you yesterday, Teddy. You made me think of Choco and my grandparents a lot!

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