Sunday, November 1, 2009

Becoming Carrie...

I've planned to be Carrie for Halloween for three years now. I've had most of the supplies to do her for at least three years. Between working at Scarehouse and other issues, I wasn't able to pull the costume off until this year.

It started with the dress and wig. On Monday, I had Tammy help me by squirting four tubes of fake blood on me while I was wearing the wig and dress. Little did I know that fake blood, when it dries on objects, turns purple. Now usually I am all about the purple, but not when it comes to blood. So I mixed up some acrylic paint and went to town adding about three layers of paint over the next few days. I finally got it bloody enough.

Halloween night, I started getting ready two hours before we were all to meet. I wanted the blood to be really dry on my body so that I didn't ruin the car seats or furniture. I decided to take progression photos. This is the start photo.

I then used pale face powder to make my tan skin look pale like Carrie's is. I then applied light blue eye shadow and the basics.

Then came the fun. I started dripping my face with blood. I then moved onto my arms, neck and chest. I used a hair dryer to assist in drying.

After it was all dry, I got dressed. I was ready to head to Becky's to meet everyone!

Becky was Octo-Mom!

Jill was Ugly Betty

Natalie was a Pirate Wench

Amanda was Erica Estrada aka Punch

Sandy was the Original mother of the year. We got her in a witches hat later that evening.

As we made our rounds, we met up with some old friends, here I am with Miss Ween, my former boss Bryan.

We met some new friends too, here Carrie meets Mike Tomlin!

We won some contests. Natalie won Sexy Costume, beating out the Slutty Cop. WHOO HOO! Take that slutty girls!

I won Scariest and Octo Mom took third in another contest at a different bar.

I hope everyone had as great a Halloween as I did!